Vitamix Container

So you’ve had your Vitamin for awhile now and you absolutely love it. Or, maybe you’re about to buy your first Vitamix and you want to make sure you have the best possible experience with it that you can. As a high-powered, top quality blender capable of pulverizing the toughest of foods, how could it get any better, right? Actually, wrong.


Vitamix Container 64-Ounce

If you really want to make your Vitamin the absolute best blender for smoothies, you may want to think about purchasing the Vitamin Eastman Tritan Copolyester 64-Ounce container. This additional or replacement container for the Vitamin is improved from the originals in a number of ways. Special features of this blender container include increased size, increased durability and easier measuring.

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The soft-grip 64-ounce container is a healthier option than previous vitamin blender containers; it is BPA free and more resistant to other harmful chemicals.” The Vitamix is one of the best blenders for smoothies, but with this extra precaution those smoothies will be even healthier for you! The container is virtually unbreakable and will last you on and on. It measures 71/2 by 9 by 13 1/2 inches, so you’ll be able to get a huge amount of product in one blend.

The Eastman Tritan features raised measurement markings, allowing you to measure out your food for a perfect drink every time. Many smoothies ask for a certain amount of a particular ingredient, and it makes for a messy kitchen to try to find every measuring cup you need to get it all perfect. This container has measurements in ounces, cups or metrics, so your measuring cup and blending container are all in one!

Stainless-steel blades ensure lasting sharpness and smooth blending, while a spill proof vented lid keeps everything in the container and fresh.   You can even add ingredients while the food is still processing with the removable plug feature. The blades on this container are strong enough to take on ice and make delicious frozen drinks.

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Your blender container won’t escape your grasp anymore, this container features a soft-grip handle for comfort and security. The two-part locking lid allows for easy and quick removal. The vented lid also allows hot or cold food to expand and contract, making it extra delicious.

This container comes with a 3 year warranty, so don’t worry about having to buy another replacement for your blender anytime soon! This thing is so strong and so durable that they’re willing to send you unlimited replacements for three whole years. You probably won’t even need one!

You may already know your Vitamix is one of the best smoothie blenders out there, but this newly designed container will really make it without a doubt THE best smoothie blender you can get your hands on. With measurements for easy recipe following, increased size and durability, lid venting technology and chemical resistant material, this product will give you the best smoothie blender container ever for the best smoothie blender.

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