Oster Versa Blender

The list of name brand blenders out there is intimidating to say the least.  If you’ve been trying to figure out what the best purchase would be and which blender will give you the most for your money, you’ve probably already read reviews of about twenty different style choices and found negative and positive results for all of them.  How is it possible to weed through all those comments and get at the truth?

It’s not easy, but a good first step may be taking a look at Osta Versa 1400 reviews.  The Osta Versa blender is a high-powered, cheap alternative to many of the best smoothie blenders on the market.    With a 1400 watt motor, three pre-programmed setting,  variable speed dial, stainless steel blades and an included tamper, this thing has all you need in order to make perfect smoothies for the whole family.

Oster Versa Blender

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Osta Versa 1400 reviews all agree, this blender is the biggest bang for your buck you’re going to find.  With all the power of the Vitamix, the Ninja pro and the Blendtec, I’m sure you’ll agree this blender is the right choice at half the price.

You’ll be able to make everything from milkshakes, nut butters, sauces, dips, hummus and more.  This blender is so versatile it will remove your need to purchase other food processing equipment for your kitchen.  You won’t need an ice crusher, a food processor, a handheld mixture or anything else.

Refer to Osta Versa 1400 reviews if you have any doubt that this product can take care of all your blending needs with grace and efficiency.  Every kitchen needs a high-quality blender, and the Osta Versa will be that to you.  There’s no reason to pay five-hundred dollars for a blender that won’t give you any more power or functions than this one!

A blender in the house makes cooking more exotic exciting foods a breeze, and makes it easier to start a healthier lifestyle!  A quality blender is the first thing any health fanatic should be  looking out for.  Smoothies are a great way to sneak in more greens, get that perfect balanced energy of fiber and fruit sugars, or to make delicious frozen deserts out of frozen fruits.

With your purchase of a Osta Versa 1400, you’ll receive:

  • 1 1400-watt motor
  • 1 64-ounce Tritan Jar
  • Three programmed settings (Smoothies, dips/spreads, soup)
  • Variable speeds
  • Stainless steel blades
  • 2 cookbooks

Are the containers BPA free?

Yes, all containers are 100% BPA free.

Are the blades removable?

No, the blades are not removable.  You can clean them by putting warm soapy water in the blender and turning it on low though!  Osta Versa 1400 reviews agree that clean up is a breeze with this product!

Is it really as good as the Vitamix?

Yes! Just like the Vitamix, the Osta Versa has tons of power, a tamper stick, settings, and more.  The only thing that the Vitamin has that the Osta Versa doesn’t have is an extra 200 dollars on the bill!  Osta Versa 1400 reviews rave about the fact that this blender offers up everything its competitors do, plus some.

Click Here to Read Customer Reviews on Amazon! Discount Available!

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