Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900

The Nutribullet is back and it’s better than ever!  This new product has a much more effective motor, running at 900 watt of energy.  It’s all the benefits of the Nutribullet you know and love, plus more!  If you want a sleek, simple, easy to use blender to help you make delicious smoothie recipes, frozen treats, dips, sauces and more, this is definitely the perfect product for the job. Just ask Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900 Review!

Magic Bullet Nutribullet Pro 900

Two extractor blades and a more powerful motor amps up the power of the Nutribullet, helping it blend like you’ve never seen it do before.  The NutriBullet has the power to break apart seeds, stems, skins and other parts of fruits and vegetables you normally wouldn’t be able to get to!  This is enormously beneficial to your health, as these parts of fruits and veggies are loaded with enzymes and nutrients that your body needs.  Without a powerful extracting blender, those nutrients go unused.

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You’ll also get, in addition to all the cup sizes you got with the original NutriBullet, a colossal cup size for when you need that extra boost in the morning with a super sized smoothie. More power, more options, more recipes, more of the best smoothie blender on the market, according to tons of NutriBullet Pro 900 reviews.

With this new and improved blender, you’ll have the power in your hands to change your health and change your life! Making delicious healthy smoothies is one of the best, quickest and easiest ways to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle. You’ll notice yourself with more energy, feeling better and craving less junk as you make NutriBullet smoothies your new go-to breakfast. Just refer to NutriBullet pro 900 reviews if you doubt me!

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Don’t settle for less than the power of this powerful new blender. Just listen to the testimonies of NutriBullet users and you’ll be ready to make the decision to add this appliance to your kitchen. NutriBullet pro 900 reviews have said it time and time again, the NutriBullet is the best blender for smoothies you can find.

With your purchase of the Nutribullet Pro, you’ll receive:

  • 1 high-torque base with 900 watt
  • 2 extractor blades
  • 1 colossal cup
  • 2 tall cups
  • 1 short cup
  • 2 lip rings
  • 1 flip top to-go lid
  • 2 resalable lids
  • 1 manual and cookbook
  • 1 nutritionist guide
  • 1 “life changing” recipe book

Can the Nutribullet chop?

Yes!  Used carefully, the NutriBullet makes an excellent veggie chopper.  Need to mince garlic?  Your nutribullet can do that too.  Throw the cloves in and blend in short, choppy motions, and you’ll have flawless minced garlic! Look to nutribullet pro 900 reviews to see all the awesome things you can make with this blender.

Is there a warranty on the NutriBullet?

Yes, with your purchase of the NutriBullet Pro you’ll get a 1-year limited warranty which will cover any faulty equipment issues.

Are the blender cups BPA free?

Yes, all of the plastic cups you’ll receive with your blender are 100% BPA free.

Will this blender work with frozen fruits?

Yes. The original NutriBullet could handle frozen foods, but the new NutriBullet Pro 900 can handle them with even more grace! Make delicious fruit ice cream, or just an extra thick and cold smoothie for a hot day.

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