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Vitamix vs Ninja

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Vitamix vs Ninja

Currently, there are two well-known blender manufacturers available in the market that have caught nice consideration of many shoppers. These are Vitamix vs Ninja!

Each manufacturers are making this merchandise that pose critical competitors available in the market. Funnily, they put it outwardly clear with none worry of contradiction how their respective merchandise are superior than their opponents, extra particularly, Ninja Kitchen.

The Market Battle Between Ninja and Vitamix

In the event you have a look at Ninja Ultima Blender field as proven under, the producer claims that, the Ninja Ultima Blender is best than Vitamix priced $600 (which refers to Vitamix Skilled Collection 750).

Can you’re feeling how intensive this competitors is? The warfare has simply began from right here


Ninja box claim better than Vitamix
On Ninja Ultima Blender field, they declare higher than Vitamix

The truth that Vitamix blender know-how has been within the aggressive market since 1949 doesn’t deter Ninja Kitchen from exuding excessive confidence and willpower to compete with it as the main competitor.

Ninja gives cheaper blenders than Vitamix

  • Ninja Kitchen is acutely aware of approaches of attracting curiosity available in the market by primarily, offering prime quality blender fashions at reasonably cheaper value than Vitamix.
  • The ranging worth for Vitamix may very well be between $349-$649, whereas Ninja comes at 3x cheaper worth, ranging between  $129-$349 relying on mannequin.

Let’s reveal unbiased overview – Vitamix vs Ninja (The last word comparability)

Subjecting the overview to cost would solely place the competitors into unfair hallmark. It’s apparent that Ninja blender far less expensive than Vitamix.

However then how in regards to the high quality of Ninja and Vitamix in respect to the supplies, efficiency, sturdiness, and product guarantee? Are they typically roughly related?

Desk Comparability Between Vitamix versus Ninja

At this level, to get honest blender comparability, I’ll breakdown their primary blender sequence Vitamix 5200 vs Ninja Skilled Blender (BL660)

Product Title

Vitamix 5200 Blender Skilled-Grade, Self-Cleansing 64 oz Container, Black – 001372

Ninja Skilled Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72oz Complete Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies (BL660)


Steel and a bit half from plastics

Blended product high quality

Mix ingredient into smallest cell measurement with a short while

Want extra effort and time to mix ingredient into smallest cell measurement

Made in

Designed in USA and made in China


5-Yr / 7-Yr Normal Guarantee (extendable)

Guarantee service charge

Must pay the transport and dealing with charge

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade, Self-Cleaning 64 oz Container, Black - 001372

Product Title

Vitamix 5200 Blender Skilled-Grade, Self-Cleansing 64 oz Container, Black – 001372


Steel and a bit half from plastics

Blended product high quality

Mix ingredient into smallest cell measurement with a short while


5-Yr / 7-Yr Normal Guarantee (extendable)

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72oz Total Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies (BL660)

Product Title

Ninja Skilled Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base, 72oz Complete Crushing Pitcher and (2) 16oz Cups for Frozen Drinks and Smoothies (BL660)

Blended product high quality

Want extra effort and time to mix ingredient into smallest cell measurement

Made in

Designed in USA and made in China

Guarantee service charge

Must pay the transport and dealing with charge

The Construct High quality: Vitamix in comparison with Ninja blender

1. Containers are BPA free

Since blender is used to course of meals then we want to verify they’re completely free from all chemical substances which can be  hazardous in nature for our physique, akin to Bisphenol A (BPA). That is extra particular on the  container half which has direct contact with meals or ingredient.

both vitamix vs ninja has BPA Free container
Each Vitamix & Ninja blender containers are BPA free

The containers

  • Each Vitamix and Ninja container are produced from BPA free materials. It has been an insupportable commonplace.
  • Each of them are dishwasher secure.
  • Vitamix has some container choices from the scale and for the aim: dry or moist components.

2. Driver socket materials

Vitamix vs ninja socket driver
Vitamix drive socket vs Ninja Blender drive socket

As you possibly can see from the image above, even crucial element within the Ninja blender which is the drive socket, comes all plastics. Whereas Vitamix blenders use metallic gear on its drive socket.

The mounting half that connects the container and the drive socket in Vitamix has an elastic and versatile pad produced from rubber, whereas in Ninja its all from plastic.

Replace: Ninja Kitchen appears gained’t let their competitor to place them down with this problem, and now additionally they have blenders with metallic element on their driver socket. This solely applies on Ninja Ultima Blender mannequin.

The drive socket

  • Vitamix makes use of metallic gear on its drive socket whereas Ninja comes all plastics.

3. Blades materials: Ninja blender vs Vitamix – The Greatest Distinction

All Vitamix blender fashions use hardened, laser-cut, stainless-steel blades with excessive know-how that ensures each edge is highly effective and unlikely to get rust over time. The blades’ housing can be product of metallic. Whereas Ninja’s sharp blades include plastic shaft.

We additionally discovered that because of the blade design of Ninja you all the time want to drag out the blades each time you need to pour the combined components  from the container. This can be a dangerous step. You may get injured when you’re not cautious sufficient for the reason that blades may simply lower your fingers.

vitamix vs ninja blades
Vitamix vs. Ninja blades

Evaluating the standard of blade by way of sharpness, we truly don’t want extraordinarily sharp blades fitted on a 300 mph pace motor. The ability and pace from the motor, is sufficient for the blunt blades to pulverize any form of ingredient or meals substance.

The blades

  • Vitamix blades produced from hardened chrome steel whereas Ninja’s blades physique produced from plastics.
  • The Ninja blades design that comes with sharp blades might be harmful to your fingers when making an attempt to set it on the blender or whereas your wash the blades.

Replace: Ninja Kitchen launched their new mannequin Ninja Chef™ Excessive-Pace Blender which makes use of uninteresting blades design like Vitamix.

4. Container lid materials

Vitamix vs Ninja Top
Vitamix container lid mixture between rubber and plastics whereas Ninja all plastics

Vitamix has 2-Elements lid design and they’re separable. The primary lid physique is product of rubber, and the opposite half is a vented lid product of plastic.

This vented lid is designed to be positioned within the middle of the primary lid with a further tamper that can assist you press the blended ingredient to backside blades. Whereas the Ninja plastic lid comes with a novel lid lock system, with vented lid on one aspect.

Since Ninja has blades extension that must be positioned in the midst of the container, they designed the vented lid on the aspect half. However the gap will not be as massive as Vitamix’s, so we are able to’t add giant items of components with ease whereas mixing to regulate the feel.

The container lid

  • In addition to the truth that Ninja blender lids made all from plastics, the design of vented lid could be a draw back because it restrict your entry to place in your additional components whereas mixing.

5. Physique materials

Vitamix vs Ninja Body Material
Vitamix vs Ninja blender physique

Vitamix blender physique is product of polycarbonate, dipped in liquid metallic with brushed chrome steel end whereas Ninja blender has spray painted, and lacquered physique together with a excessive polish plastic face.

The physique

  • The metallic physique on Vitamix makes it seems to be luxurious reasonably than Ninja physique.

Efficiency Overview Comparability: Vitamix vs. Ninja Blender

1. Blender machine (the motor) – The important thing variations

Each Vitamix and Ninja blender have a fantastic highly effective machine that undoubtedly can generate magnificent energy to crush ices, mix fruits, greens, frozen fruits, and to get all advantages from the components.

The standard of the machine mirrored on the ability generated by each models. To be in contrast:

  • Vitamix 5200 Standard comes with 1,380 watts energy (they declare it might produce 2 HP pace on peak degree)
  • Ninja Ultima Blender comes with 1,500 watts energy (they declare it might produce 2.2 HP pace on peak degree)
  • Whereas different common blenders available in the market solely present in common 300-700 watt motor.


In summarized with that tremendous energy comes from each blenders, it’s going to let you effectively accomplish a variety of duties that almost all blenders can not do

2. Which one mix higher inexperienced smoothies?

With each utilizing both Ninja or Vitamix blender, you undoubtedly can produce a easy texture for inexperienced smoothies. However Vitamix makes it sooner.

To show this, I made a fast easy check by placing kiwi, child spinach, apple, celery and pineapple for making a inexperienced smoothies into each Vitamix and Ninja blenders. To be honest I set the blenders to 30 seconds lengthy for each of blenders.

This fast check confirmed on how these machines mix a excessive fibers veggies (celery) and a kiwi with its seeds in a short while which made them might be categorized as smoothie-friendly blender.

The end result was fairly superb as we by no means had any doubt that each blenders with such excessive energy can produce a easy inexperienced smoothies. However Vitamix blended the components into smaller cell items with smoother texture than Ninja.

smoothie result with Vitamix vs Ninja
Ninja vs. Vitamix Inexperienced Smoothies Examined in 30 Seconds

3. Peanut butter mixing end result from Vitamix in comparison with Ninja blender

For you who likes to make your personal peanut butter, this check may provide you with an concept about how these two blenders make a creamy peanut butter.

To check the efficiency for each blenders, we put roasted peanuts with none extra components into each Vitamix and Ninja. We set each on highest pace degree for 5 minutes.

Through the course of, the peanut in each blenders wanted some assist to get shifting round, however the Vitamix was a lot simpler to deal with as a result of they supply a tamper that may assist us push the peanut to the underside half close to the blades, whereas with Ninja blender we needed to flip off the machine and scrape the perimeters down very rigorously as a consequence of a really sharp blades positioned in the midst of container, after which run the blender once more.

For the tip end result, we are able to say each blenders could make peanut butter in 3 minutes, however Vitamix made a really creamy peanut butter whereas Ninja made a chunky nut butter. I might run one other 3-5 minutes with Ninja to make the identical degree of creamy peanut butter.

4. Which Blender is best to make scorching soup?

Have you ever skilled any explosion or leaking problem once you mix a pureed scorching soup together with your blender?

Sure! Watch out! Whenever you mix scorching liquids together with your blender, please bear in mind that the container stress can construct up and generally can create a little bit explosion that make the components to leak out out of your blender container.

As a matter of warning, I spotted that Ninja blender has clearly said that scorching liquid shouldn’t be put into the container of the blender.

This have to be as a consequence of the truth that the container lid design doesn’t have any vent to launch the steam. Quite the opposite, Vitamix container lid has a vent of their commonplace container lids.

Please be famous that not all Vitamix containers has vent on the lid. For instance, in case you are utilizing 20-ounce container cup (journey cup), so you can not mix with a scorching liquid utilizing this container.

5. Which blender simpler to wash?

Cleansing up is fairly simple with each Vitamix and Ninja blender. To wash these blenders, simply soak them with heat water and drop a little bit liquid cleaning soap to the blender container, put the lid on, you then simply have to set the blender to the best degree pace.

For some blender fashions you can even press the heart beat button to burst the ability that can make extra water spherical throughout the cleansing course of. It helps to launch all residues left from the components that you simply used earlier than.

Even higher on some Vitamix fashions, it has a built-in auto-cleaning system choice on the change management that can assist you clear up the containers, lid, and the blades which makes it simpler to wash.

After run the auto-cleaning system, simply take away the water from the container and rinse below working water to take away the cleaning soap from the blenders. That’s all and wait till the blender dry.

Product sturdiness and guarantee

Each digital product has its lifetime, blenders don’t have any exception both! The query is how lengthy can Vitamix and Ninja blenders final? That may range relying on the way you make the most of and keep them.

We’re probably in a position to estimate the lifetime on the idea on the supplies. Blender with prime quality supplies ought to ideally, have longer lifetime than the cheaper one. Nonetheless, it’s simply a regular logic, let’s see from a unique viewpoint.

Which blender has an extended product yr guarantee? Ninja blenders are lined with 2-years restricted guarantee (we discovered 5-years guarantee might be obtained at sure situation) whereas Vitamix blenders are lined with 5-years or 7-years guarantee is dependent upon the mannequin. Plus there’s a 3-years prolonged guarantee (non-obligatory with some extra cost) for all of them.

Relating to the process to assert guarantee, each present a simple approach for guarantee verification by calling their buyer companies, then they’ll clarify learn how to get your substitute.

Please be famous: for Ninja blender it is advisable for the transport and dealing with charge as a way to get hold of a substitute product.

Closing Verdict: Ninja vs Vitamix

Each Vitamix and Ninja blenders are good merchandise. There isn’t any doubt about that!

They undoubtedly have strict competitors on this market. However remember the fact that we all the time get what we pay for! At instances, a budget can actually be costly.

With increased worth we spend for Vitamix blender, we get  higher high quality merchandise, supplies, and likewise higher blended merchandise than what Ninja can provide to us.

However in case you are working in a good finances and solely use blender to make your easy day by day smoothies, then Ninja blender could also be a greater various for you.

Another choice when you nonetheless need to have Vitamix blender however you’re low in funds, then you might think about licensed recondition Vitamix blenders.

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