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So you want to begin a healthier lifestyle, but looking around at what it takes, you start to hurt in the wallet.  Many top quality blenders that nutritionists and health-fanatics propagate cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.  For many of us, these prices simply are not reasonable. Five hundred dollars for a blender? No matter how good it is, many people just could not bring themselves to spend that much money on such a product.Best Smoothie Blender

Don’t worry though!  You can still get a professional quality blender for half the price.  How, you ask?  Look no further than a google search for cleanblend blender reviews! The Cleanblend blender has all the features of many of the leading best smoothie blenders on the market, such as Vitamix.  Users say there is no significant difference between the quality of the Cleanblend blender and many of its pricier competitors.  Cleanblend blender reviews are all raving about this product, so what are you waiting for?!

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This is the perfect first step in starting a healthier lifestyle.   Having a smoothie every morning for breakfast will quickly get you in the habit of eating more fruits and vegetables.  As your bod develops a taste for the nutrient rich, life bringing food choices, you’ll begin to eat healthy without even thinking about it.  All you need is that perfect blender to get started, and Cleanblend blender reviews all say this is the one!

Don’t pay more for a product when the Cleanblend blender can do it for less! This thing can make dips, sauces, smoothies, ice cream, soups and tons more! This is no cheaply made, half quality product that you buy because you don’t want to treat yourself! On the contrary! Double treat yourself by getting yourself the best smoothie blender on the market, and saving that extra two hundred dollars for yourself! It’s hard to beat a deal like that.

With your purchase, you’ll receive:

  • 1 nearly unbreakable BPA-free container
  • 1 blade assembly
  • 1 tamper wand

Will I get a warranty with my Cleanblend?

Yes, the Cleanblend now has an all new five year warranty, just like its leading competitors.

What is the watt power?

This blender has a motor with 1800 watt power! Cleanblend blender reviews rave about the power of this thing! You won’t find one with this much horsepower for a price like this anywhere else.

Can you use this blender for frozen drinks?

Yes, definitely!  Throw in some ice, frozen fruits, anything you’d like.

Can you remove the blades for easy clean up?

The blades are permanently attached to the container, however you are able to use the blender function to clean the blades. With warm soapy water, you can clean the blades by using the blender on low.

What is the voltage on this blender?

120 volts on this bad boy!

Is the blender very noisy?

Yes, this thing has a lot of power so it is quite noisy! Many Cleanblend blender reviews agree, however, the quality is worth the noise.

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