Breville BBL920BSS

The Innovative New Breville Hemisphere Control Blender

How many times are you going to take out that blender container and shake it?  Oh, it looks like you’re going to need to pull out a long spoon to get that frozen strawberry out from under the blade!  I thought they told you that blender was “easy to use”!

Breville BBL920BSS

Many blenders can be a pain in that you have to keep going back and correcting it in order to get a smooth product.  Frozen pieces get stuck under the blade, some material floats and some sinks, and it’s just generally difficult to rely on most blenders to take care of that problem for you.

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The designers of the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender realized that, and they came up with an innovative new technique to make this product the best smoothie blender ever!

New technology:

The Breville Hemisphere Control blender has an extra stainless steel blade which sweeps food from the base of the jug and pushes sinking ingredients out and up while the central base moves ingredients down.  This genius technology makes for one of the best smoothie blenders ever, because it addresses the problem most blenders don’t:    the fact that some food is heavier and more difficult to process.

The blender is preprogrammed with various speeds and modes to allow you to alternate between pulsing and blending, moving food around without making you manually have to remove the jug and shake it.  Five speeds, snow, mix, blend, liquefy and puree, and three modes, pulse, ice crush and smoothie, insures that you have total control of blending and that you get a perfect product every time.

No more fighting with your blender to make it blend you a smooth product! You’ll really believe the Breville Hemisphere Control blender is the best blender for smoothies when you try out this revolutionary blade technology.

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Renowned quality:

This blender was declared one of the best blenders in 2012 by a leading rater of kitchen products for its top quality performance.  The innovative sweeping blade technology is unmatched by any other leading blender product, so it has easily earned its title of being one of the best blenders for smoothies.  Its ease of use is absolutely unbeatable!


The designers of the Breville Hemisphere Control Blender wanted to make sure users had the best smoothie blender ever when they made this product.  Surgical grade stainless steel blades ensure long-lasting quality, while a stainless steel die-cast base makes sure the blender is sturdy and well grounded.

Cleaning is ultra-easy; all you have to do is drop some detergent and water into the blender, blend with water and then put the BPA-free container in the dishwasher.

What youll get:

 With your purchase of a Breville Hemisphere Control Blender, you’ll receive:

  • Breville Assist lid
  • 48oz Eastman Tritan Copolyester jug (6 cup)
  • Permanent Hemisphere Blade and Bowl Syste,
  • Specialized Controls
    • LCD Timer
    • Ice Crush, Pulse and Smoothie Settings
    • Five speed control
    • Illuminated buttons
  • Sturdy die-cast stainless steel base
  • 750W Motor
  • Cord

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